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Print-at-home is the ONLY online coupon medium where you can reach anyone, anywhere. Want to reach consumers on your website? Done. How about through your targeted media buys? Done and done. Oh, I have one, want to distribute a million coupons to anyone who will print one? You can do that too. Print-at-home provides you, as a marketer, with the flexibility to distribute coupons to pretty much anyone!

Let’s talk about data. Last time I checked, not many coupon mediums tell you much about the consumer who used it except maybe THAT they used it, ugh… enter print-at-home. The hero of the coupon hour that can not only tell you that a consumer printed and redeemed, but where they were at time of print AND redemption. There’s more. Critical demographic information that can give you powerful insight about your consumers.

Last but not least, PAH is flexible. Like, foot behind your head flexible! It’s budget flexible, distribution flexible, and “mid-campaign change it” flexible. Whether you have $1,000 or $100,000, you can use print-at-home to distribute coupons. Want to test 4 different distribution outlets to measure performance? PAH can do that for you and when you figure out which one is working best, you can cut the others off mid-campaign, you read that right – MID-CAMPAIGN. Try doing that with your FSI….

Not all print-at-home coupons are created equal. Print-at-home coupons get a bad rap but we are hell bent on changing that. Experience a better print-at-home coupon provider with Qples today. Not tomorrow, do it today!

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